The body in its fullest expression and function, becomes a vessel through which pleasure, purpose and wisdom move. - Andrea Nakayama

Where and how do I begin...... are common questions that come up with clients.  Our time together is focused solely on you and helping you achieve your wellness goals, so when selecting whether to work in person or via phone/skype and date and time, make it a time when you can be 100% present.  We can schedule a series of sessions, take it one session at a time and/or include ala' carte items such as a grocery tour or in home ingredient makeover. I provide an extensive Health Questionnaire prior to our scheduled time together that helps me access what is contributing to your concerns.  

Our 60 minute consultation is collaborative and together we address your concerns and what you would like to achieve while working together.  Based on my assessment of your completed Health Questionaire, your present health and envisioned goals, we'll begin peeling back the layers to get at the root cause of your issue. After each session I'll provide recommendations that address your greatest concerns and when easily incorporated, will allow you to experience a noticeable improvement.
Cost is $90.00

It has been my experience that incorporating new positive habits into one's life in order to produce lasting change takes time, patience, support and each action taken every day begins to create familiar habits that move you in a positive direction.  Making that connection between your lifestyle and food choices and how you feel emotionally and in your body, will enable you to begin choosing more appropriate actions. It can involve pushing through self imposed limits and definitions of yourself, or simply breaking through the negative narrative in your head. Settling into a new lifestyle can be one step forward and a couple steps back into old familiar ways, so this a time to be patient and loving with oneself.

 Depending on what your body needs most, I incorporate modalities such as Shinrin-yoku Nature Therapy Walks, acupuncture and massage.  All recommendations focus on anti-inflammatory, Gluten and GMO free foods.  For more about my approach please refer to my "Philosophy" section.

6 Week Intensive -
* Initial 90 minute one on one consultation to review history, create a treatment plan and establish beginning protocol.
* Five weekly, 60 minute consultations
* Daily email support, weekly food journal, menus and recipes and supplement recommendations.
For those learning to eat for a new health diagnosis or simply preferring to have more in depth support on a more consistent and frequent basis.

Should you desire a specific amount of time and support, I would be happy to discuss the details with you.  Also note that your consultations can be utilized in a number of ways.  Perhaps you would like to substitute a session for a cooking class,  a kitchen makeover or label reading Market tour.  Our time together can be configured to best suit your needs.

Contact me for price details and package options.  Have an unanswered question?  Feel free to reach out here.

I am available for in person consults in the Tucson area and also offer Phone and Skype consultations.   If you live outside of the Tucson, AZ area, we can do appointments via phone, Skype or email.   

workshops + retreats
                        Workshops & Retreats

Combining my passion for food, wellness, conscious living and nature connection, I offer workshops and retreats, designed to indulge your senses... renew your spirit...restore your body and awaken curiosity and imagination.

This is where I get to express my passion for food, as it not only sustains us but awakens our senses, uniting us to the earth, friends and encouraging community. Expressed through a "hands on class", we'll join in the preparation of our meal together as we learn about the specific ingredients and how they support us nutritionally. We'll experience how mindfulness is at the core of how we appreciate food. 

Allowing ourselves the time to fully experience the natural world is so restorative for the body.  Incorporating the practice of Shinrin-yoku, one gets to switch from doing to feeling, and noticing both inwardly and outwardly. What was once familiar or even un-noticed...we begin to take note of textures and colors, the fragrances wafting about and the mesmerizing shapes of clouds and they drift in and out.  We learn to cultivate awareness as we begin to feel and understand our connection to nature.  It listens, it speaks to us, it opens its arms wide to hold us and it bears its beauty for all to see and feel.

Cost: Based upon length and location of Workshop or Retreat  

What People Are Sharing

I attended a Forest Bathing lecture and walk last October that Carol facilitated. Her passion and excellence in all she does is so inspiring. This lecture and walk was incredibly interesting, and Carol added many personal touches. She gently guided us in many different ways to be attuned of each one of our senses when we are outside in nature. We had a chance to walk with new awareness, and as a conclusion Carol had prepared a lovely tea ceremony with many of the plants from the area we walked through. Carol is an incredible, kind, compassionate and enlightened woman and I look forward to hopefully attending more of her classes and walks in the future!
                                                                  Debra R.