meet carol

Hello and welcome!
  Permeating my entire life has been an unwavering curiosity to question particular dogmas and methods in search of more beneficial and enriching options.  Endowed with an independent spirit, I chose a path imbued with creativity and wild abandon as I explored my many passions in search of purpose and truth.   Today I feel nothing but gratitude for the guiding presence amidst many mentors that kept a curious, stubborn and often times "lost student" progressing in a direction that would prove invaluable to my present sense of wellbeing and happiness.

In 2010, I relinquished a 15+ year career as Photo Stylist to actively pursue a long held interest in food, health and spiritual wellbeing.  I received my initial nutrition training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I studied Eastern and Western dietary theories, contemporary health issues, Bio-Individuality and learned that Body, Mind and Spirit are the balancing components of wellness.  The curriculum was headed by some of the most recognized professionals in the nutrition field; Mark Hyman, Dr. David Katz and Gary Taubes.  Mentors such as Louise Hay, Dr. Joe Dispenza and Bruce Lipton, PhD, were invaluable in showing me that not only do our food choices impact our health, but our words and thoughts affect every cell in our body. 

Dr. Gabriel Cousens, founder of Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, was a catalyst in my quest for understanding optimal health.  Upon reading his book, "Conscious Living", advocating the benefits of green juicing and a diet rich in organic fresh food, it was destiny that I attend Living Light Culinary Arts Institute.  Here, under the direction of Drs. Rick and Karen Dina, I received my Science of Plant Nutrition Certification in addition to my Plant Based Chef and Instructor Certification. I hold a membership with the American Board of Drugless Practitioners and continue to supplement my knowledge through the Institute for Functional Medicine, the Integrative Health Symposium and ongoing Wellness seminars.

I've spent my entire life closely tied to Nature.   Either for the sheer enjoyment of its beauty and mystery, in receiving the clarity and comfort it so openly provides and my love of designing gardens for myself and others.  In 2016 under the direction of Amos Clifford and the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy I received my certification as a Shinrin-yoku Nature and Forest Therapy Guide.  A much needed and underutilized healing modality that provides many psychological and physiological benefits, I am honored to bring awareness to this practice through my consults, walks and workshops.

Today my life is very different as I strive to live more in harmony with what truly nourishes me.  I pay closer attention to what I put into my body, how I spend my days and whom and what I choose to surround myself with.   Instead of plunging through life on my terms, I now pause and check in with myself when I feel my health starting to wane or life beginning to spin out of control  It is much easier having the understanding and tools to make the necessary changes and adjustments to get oneself back on track, and I'm here to share that it can be this way for you as well.

My wish is to be a source of inspiration and share what my education, ongoing studies and my own personal experiences have taught me about living consciously and to our fullest potential.  I share my philosophy about health, nutrition and nature connection, and through my One on One Consults,  Shinrin-yoku walks and workshops, I'm here to help illuminate the path on your journey.


Food is our life force
 it is information as each bite signals our genes and cells how to express themselves.  Becoming conscious of the importance of nutrition and the connection between what we eat and how we feel, behave and how quickly we heal, empowers us.  Yet nothing creates more confusion than choosing what to put in our mouths.

Contrary to being grouped into the current "one size fits all" dietary regime, it's important we focus on discovering which foods best support each person's unique physiology in that moment. A supportive way of eating can look very different for each person when taking into account personal history, present state of health, metabolism and ethical preferences. 

We have become unbalanced and yet our bodies are constantly striving to achieve a state of homeostasis just so it can function throughout the day.  To restore our physical, emotional and spiritual well being, we need not only provide our body with the correct supportive foods but look at where we may be out of balance regarding the other components of wellness.  Stress, lack of sleep and negative dialogue all have a detrimental effect on the digestive system and our absorption of nutrients.  Are you aware that 80% of our immune system is located within the gut, the seat of digestion, which is at the root of many of our health issues?  I believe the body is capable of completely healing itself if we can just attune to its many messages and begin responding with loving care.

"To heal, one has to truly love oneself and love one's life enough to want to heal oneself". - Dr. Gabriel Cousens

Working to change your life and health can feel daunting.  This is not about perfection, deprivation or's about "adding in" versus denial and strict's about discovery and self love.

I have read, experimented and observed, and as I advance my knowledge of health and nutrition, the common thread I witness over and over are the benefits of incorporating "real whole foods" into ones diet.  With a focus on diet and lifestyle, I offer a whole foods approach, stressing organic chemical free foods as well as cosmetics and household items.  Today we are inundated with toxins and the more we can actively control what we ingest and surround ourselves with the healthier our lives will become. 

Lets imagine.  Can you close your eyes .... take a few slow deep breaths .... how would that feel and what would that look like, to have your health and lifestyle be optimal and already happening?  There is so much available to us.....why focus on what we can't have or shouldn't do when we have an amazing bounty at our fingertips if we are willing to open ourselves up to what is possible!