It has been said that today, nothing creates more confusion than what we put in our mouth.
Today we are faced with a barrage of chronic illness fueled by nutrient empty food choices, endless prescription drugs and an increasing disconnect from ourselves and the earth.  We have become unbalanced, yet our bodies are constantly striving to achieve a state of homeostasis (equilibrium) so that we function through the day. may experience optimal health. 

Our responsibility to restore our physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing is by supplying our body with proper nutrition, engaging in movement, receiving adequate sleep, managing our stress levels and nourishing our soul with love and positive thoughts.
food speaks directly to your cells, so you want to eat food that turns on the pathways that help you look beautiful and youthful.

I’ve read, researched, experimented and observed, and as I advance my knowledge of health and nutrition, the common thread I witness over and over regardless of the dietary theory - is the benefit of incorporating “real” whole foods into our diet.  It’s a funny thing what we tolerate and come to accept as “normal”.  Feeling tired,stuffy nasal passages, brain fog and aching joints for way too long,

Being healthy doesn’t have to be hard.

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