A little about me .......

Permeating my entire life has been an unwavering curiosity to question particular dogmas and methods in search of more beneficial and enriching options. Rebellious and spirited at heart, I often ignored the path of least resistance, and instead chose the long meandering one imbued with many temptations. I allowed alcohol to frequently befriend me, used food as escape and solace and would disregard what was best for my body and soul. Today, I feel nothing but gratitude for the guiding presence amidst many mentors, that kept a stubborn, at times lonely and lost  "student" progressing in a direction that would prove invaluable to my present sense of well being and happiness.
Not wanting to further perpetuate my family history of arthritis and diabetes, I took note of Dr. Gabriel Cousens, advocating the benefits of a live food diet.  It was then that I experienced a noticeable transformation through juicing and incorporating a live food diet. In 2010 I relinquished a 15 year career as Photo Producer/Stylist to actively pursue my lifelong interest in food, health and spiritual well being. I selected Living Light Culinary Arts Institute for my studies on Plant Nutrition in addition to receiving my Plant Based Chef and Educator Certification. Attending the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York,  I received my Holistic Health and Nutrition credentials. It was a wonderful opportunity to be in the presence of such Medical Industry changers, like Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Neal Barnard and Gary Taubes. The curriculum was provocative as it acknowledged numerous dietary theories both Eastern and Western, it addressed our bio-individuality, focused on a functional approach, and it incorporated the emotional and spiritual components of wellness.  Mentors such as Louise Hayes, Dr. Cousens , Dr. Joe Dispenza and Bruce Lipton, PhD, have been instrumental in showing me that not only do our food choices impact our health, but our words and thoughts effect  every cell in our body.