You are the choreographer of your life, with the ability to define your magnificent self. Whether you recognize it or not, you hold passion and purpose.....and are beautiful and loved. You are meant for so much more than you realize. Your potential is limitless!

I believe that a great majority of people are in search of better physical health, happiness and inner calm. Then what exactly nourishes us?  Food is a fundamental component as it nourishes us on a physical, emotional and spiritual level and it also promotes sacred partnership and conversation with the natural world. It is also a powerful medicine with an intelligence of information that speaks directly to our cells with each bite that we take.  What we choose to eat, along with how and when, either contributes to our vibrancy or it undermines it.

But there are other equally important components such as lifestyle, how we manage our stress and the importance of how and when we sleep.  Movement, relationships, self care, spirituality and passion, these all play a role in our wellness and an imbalance in any of these areas creating impacts our health and prevents us from achieving our desired state of wellbeing.

Allowing ourselves time to immerse in nature is vital for restoring the body physically, mentally and emotionally and for rebuilding our innate connection to the natural world. When we incorporate a Shinrin-yoku practice, we begin to slow down, inviting in mindfulness and strengthening our sensory awareness, moving from a cerebral state to "being and feeling" inside our bodies.  I call this "healing from the outside in", feeding our hearts and spirits and bringing us back into alignment with who we truly are.

I believe we all intuitively know what to do when it comes to decisions about our health but have just lost touch with that ability.  Consumed with our pace of life, inundated with conflicting information, and the inability to quietly listen to the messages our body sends us, leaves us feeling confused and disconnected. This is about becoming liberated from the nutritional and personal habits that sabotage and contribute to our decline and choosing to live a life that represents our highest self. 

         "Food for the body is not enough.  There must be food for the soul". - Dorthy Day

My Practice is an opportunity to contribute in areas that are close to my heart while creating space to express my passions.  As Integrative Health & Wellness Coach and Shinrin-yoku, Nature Therapy Guide, my role is to provide guidance, inspiration and support to those seeking better health and a more balanced life. The process of uncovering what best works for you and navigating those changes are met with my heartfelt support and excitement for all that is possible and awaiting you.  Whether it is through One on One Counseling, Shinrin-yoku Nature Therapy walks, or Workshops, I'm here to share tools and all that I have learned and experienced, so that you too can begin shifting how you think and feel in a more healing way.

                                                                 Carol R.